DVD Review – HELLO

First thing that came to mind while watching HELLO by Lucky Squirrel Club is that the LSC crew had fun travelling and capturing every single moment they had while on trip. The DVD is a mix of Oz, Hawaii and Ireland footage with both a clean and sleek editing mixed with a touch of arty sepia-looking-old-film-super8 kinda footage. Nice lifestyle stuff (not boring) well balanced with good action images from the best. Read the rest of the HELLO DVD Review by clicking the link below.

Spongercity Hello DVD ReviewSo what’s in that HELLO mix of arty lifestyle and good action footage ? Well, right after a quick a funny squirrel & froggy dancing skit (yes, like we said: a squirrel and frog dancing in the streets) the movie starts with a nice Hawaii intro, all the footage is good quality image-wise, the angles and footage is really nice, specially all the pipe footage sideways from down the beach, a sick angle that makes it different from all the classic pipe footage you usually have in DVDs. Music is mellow and kinda sets the mood for the rest of the movie. There’s also a quick flowrider / wavehouse clip and more hawaii (Keiki) footage right after that first hawaii section.

We’re not really fans of chapter by chapter video reviews so we won’t do the review this way but let’s just says that after the Hawaii section you’ll see some sickkkk Ryan Mattick footage from Oz and Ireland, then a really good section with Mattick, Thomas Robinson, Plc, Jack Jones, Jake Stone, Glen Thurston, Grizzly and Lackey. Music is still pretty mellow with some Death Cab for Cutie or Postal Service tunes. I haven’t double checked this but i’m pretty sure this is Death Cab for Cutie. Good tunes anyway, good taste.

Then you’ll see some Pierre Louis Costes and Jake Stone high-flying-deep-tubing-young-guns action, and this is before you’ll see some Oz footage with a little bit of everyone (Player, Brad Jackson, Bunting, Laverhne etc.). Always well edited and to the sound of good electro or indie or pop music.

There’s a quick outro with froggy and squirrel again at the end.

At the 34-35 min. length the movie is quite short and we kinda wanted to see more, maybe 1 or 2 sections or another trip than the Ireland trip but this doesnt affect the quality and originality of the 34min. DVD we just watched. It’s well done, well filmed and it’s a got a special feeling, kinda in between 40 Days Around the World (for the travelling part) and ABC for the lifestyle part. So you know it’s good stuff !

One last thing: the packing is awesome ! The DVD comes with a sick BBQ summer hat that probably requires you to be drunk before wearing it, and the unique cardboard and cotton DVD box is really nice. Nice unique touch from the Lucky Squirrel Club ! Go get yourlself a DVD, you won’t regret and will have something to put on your head this summer !


  bodyboarder wrote @ February 7th, 2009 at 9:36 am

does anyone know what the jake stone section song is called?

  admin wrote @ February 10th, 2009 at 10:12 am

i’ll check it out for you. Give me a couple days.

  Wilson wrote @ March 18th, 2009 at 1:45 am

Sébastien Tellier – Divine

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