Tuesday vids dopeness

Boom! Tuesday! Time for some vids dopeness on Spongercity.com! Here you go:

This is a short film starring Glen Thurston, hitting rock bottom, being defeated by one of the most dangerous waves around. One simple mistake at this wave resulted with Glen breaking 3 ribs, severe internal bruising and 3 months in the recovery ward. This sparked a new fire within for Glen, to do what it takes, to think clearly and positively and train himself back into the person that could face his Giants once again.

HEINOUS Episode 4 – Hawaii 2013 (Part I & II) (Note from the Editor: Fuck that’s such a sick clip!)

DETOURS – The first two days of filming for Passing Through (A new film project by Phil Gallagher at LeBoogie)

Shark Island, 16th of March 2013

Mike Bain in Mexico

Brian Wise is a legend, here he’s charging rock piles in Hawaii

Jacob Romero at home in Maui, ripping. (Note from the Ed. we dont agree with the music selection hehe)

More Honolua Bay

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