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Ben Player wins the IBA Arica Chilean Challenge 2013

Yeah Ben! Congrats! It’s Ben Player’s second win this year on the tour (having won Pipe and now Arica). Benny is #1 on the tour ratings and almost 1000 pts ahead of Jeff Hubbard who’s #2 in the ratings.

Congrats to Winny for his second place! And Dallas Singer (such a sick contest for Dallas!) as well as Tamega, always a standout at Arica!

Next event will be in Brazil – Itacoatiara Challenge (6-16th of June)


Amaury Lavernhe has just won the NSW SOUTH COAST MOBILE CHALLENGE 2013. Congrats Amaury! Jones Russell ends up 2nd and Jake Stone 3rd, Alex Uranga 4th. Jake Stone landed a reverse 720 sources said! Can’t wait to watch the highlights!

FIRST – 8.88 + 7.9 = 16.78

SECOND – 7.08 + 6.23 = 13.31

THIRD – 6.6 + 6.25 = 12.85

FOURTH – 4.9 + 4.5 = 9.4


It just started!

Peep the trailer here and wait for more action!

Ben Player, Isabela Sousa and Sasha Specker – winners of the Pipeline Challenge

Massive congrats to Ben Player, Isabela Sousa & Sasha Specker! Winners of the Pipeline Challenge, respectively in the Mens, Womens and DK divisions MENS, GIRLS, DK. Soooo stoked for Benny P to win the Pipe event ! Well-deserved win and good start for a 2013 campaign to win a third world title hey !

Ben Player (AUS) finished first, beating Jeff Hubbard (HI), Pierre-Louis Costes (FRA) and Dave Hubbard (HI)

Isabela Sousa (BRA) beats Minami Hatekayama (JPN), Karla Costa-Taylor (BRA) and Saro Ohhara (JPN)

Sacha Specker in the DK division defeats Dave Hubbard (HI), Dave Winchester (AUS) and Cesar Bauer (PERU)

See you in OZ in April for the second stop of the 2013 IBA World Tour, South coast NSW, can’t wait!


Good news, the IBA Pipeline Challenge is eventually back after being cancelled a couple days ago, and it will be a Full GSS IBA World Tour Event! Super cool!

From the IBA site:
2013 IBA Pipe Challenge Officially Re-Instated to Full GSS IBA World Tour Status

Following on from yesterday’s update, the IBA are pleased to confirm that the 2013 IBA Pipe Challenge has officially been re-instated to full GSS IBA World Tour Status for all 3 divisions.

The last minute sponsorship discussions that took place on the back of the wide spread and positive support of the bodyboarding community, has resulted in a great outcome for the athletes and fans of the IBA World Tour.

The sponsorship support has come from various companies and a full press release will be coming early next week to identify and acknowledge this much appreciated support.

At this stage it can be confirmed with certainty that the Grand Slam Series (GSS) status will be re-instated for the Mens, Womens and Drop Knee Divisions and they will proceed in the original event window of February 16 – March 1. The trials event will commence on February 16 at Turtle Bay Resort on the North Shore of Hawaii.

Check in for all riders will be held on the 14th February 2013, with further details to follow in the coming days.

There will be a minimum of 3 full days of professional live streaming of the event.

“Once again, the IBA would like to thank the large and passionate bodyboard community for the positive efforts by the majority of followers to work towards an outcome in light of the situation with the 2013 Pipe Challenge. It is a proud day to be a bodyboarder. We look forward to providing you with further updates in the coming days. See you in Hawaii.

Further updates will be provided Monday afternoon Hawaiian time.”

Alex Leon – IBA World Tour Manager.


Crappy day and probly’ crappy year for the IBA – IBA 2013 PIPE CHALLENGE CANCELLED !

This is seriously catastrophic for the IBA 2013 tour as Pipeline is obviously the one and only wave that NEEDS to be surfed on the world tour, its the shiz niz of waves, the one and only banzai pipeline. IBA stated it’s a lack of support from the industry and sponsors that forced them to cancel the event. If only one contest was to be kept alive on the tour it’s Pipeline! Why not push the event to the end of the 2013 calendar and save time to try to find more sponsors and keep the event alive?

From the IBA site this morning:
It is with great disappointment that the IBA announce the cancellation of the 2013 Pipe Challenge in Hawaii that was scheduled for February 2013.

The 2013 Pipe Challenge has been forced to be cancelled as a result of the complete lack of industry sponsorship for the event.

The IBA had been in sponsorship discussions with industry companies and out of industry companies for a period of over 6 months. There were a number of positive leads that have fallen away over December and January for various reasons, the most recent being this week. All options have been explored to continue with the running of the event, though the decision taken to cancel the 2013 IBA Pipe Challenge.

“The industry needs to support the IBA World Tour to ensure growth and prosperity for this sport. It’s a sad day for the IBA, its athletes and supporters.” – IBA World Tour Manager, Alex Leon

The Men’s and Women’s 2013 IBA World Tour is now scheduled to commence in Australia in April 2013, with further details to be confirmed in the coming weeks. The DK World Tour kicks off in Peru in March 2013.

For further updates please refer to and

IBA World Tour 2012 – What an epic year

Epic year for the tour with an awesome – absolutely awesome – finish at the Fronton a few days ago, crowning Jeff Hubbard with the World Champ crown for this year, PLC wining the Fronton event and stopping Dave Winchester on his way to winning a first world title. Let’s hope Winny can make it next year, would be epic to see him win a world title as he’s been competing so good this year. Only Jeff could beat Winny. Massive congrats to Jeff, what an athlete! Also congrats to Jared Houston, soooo impressive at the Fronton. We think he was the best rider that day overall, unfortunately only 2 waves count in each heat but Jared must have had some of the best moves and waves out there that day.

See you at the Banzai Pipeline next year for the very first stop of the 2013 IBA Tour ! CANT WAIT !

Peep the highlights from the Fronton event, siiiick !

Terry Mc Kenna Resigns from the IBA, Alex Leon is the new World Tour Manager

Some important news on the IBA Website. In November they appointed Alex Leon as the new IBA World Tour Manager since Terry Mc Kenna resigned from the IBA.

Check the 2013 Calendar for the tour next year:

From the IBA site:
Alex Leon was appointed to the role of IBA Tour Manager in November 2012 and will take on the full responsibilities of the role for the 2013 World Tour. Alex steps into the position with 4 years experience in various event roles for both the IBA and with the Shark Island Challenge. Prior to this time, Alex spent 10 years as a professional bodyboarder.

IBA Managing Director, Gregg Taylor stated “Alex comes to the role with the right mix of experience and genuine passion for the sport of bodyboarding. With over 14 years in the industry, Alex will bring a fresh perspective and valuable insight to the IBA Tour. “

Alex Leon had the following comments relating to his appointment. “I look forward to working with the event promoters, officials and riders to continue the development of the IBA World Tour for the benefit of the industry and its fans. 2013 is shaping up to be an exciting year with new venues and some fresh faces on the tour. For now all eyes are on the Fronton event and the crowning of the 2012 IBA Mens World Champion.”

All IBA Tour enquiries can be sent to

From Terry Mc Kenna FB page:
Terry McKenna resigns from IBA

After 7 years behind the wheel, firstly as General Manager, then more recently as the IBA World Tour manager, Terry McKenna is resigning from IBA Pty Ltd.

Terry insists that it’s only a move from his current employer Gregg Taylor (IBA Pty Ltd) and not an exit from the sport.

“I wont be going far.

I love what I do and I am proud of what I achieved during my time with IBA, said Teza.

It’s been an amazing ride and I met some incredible people along the way. It’s these passionate people, the fans, the promoters and of course the riders that kept me going for so long.

But I think that its time for a change as I believe that the World Tour in its current form has possibly reached its natural pinnacle.

It’s just not sustainable with so many events and so little prize-money. Just ask the riders themselves.

I think the concept of 8-hour webcasts with 120 people battling over 10 days in mediocre surf just isn’t cutting it in the action sports market and I will now use my contacts and experience to create something more exciting.

I think that my rein at the top of the sport lasted as long as it did because I didn’t have any ulterior motives. I don’t own a label or I am not a major stakeholder in the industry and it’s been purely a desire to create something special that drove me this far.”

In September of 2010 Terry pitched the concept of an equity partnership with Gregg Taylor (owner of Turbo Bodyboards) to the Top 16 in a meeting at the Sintra Portugal Pro.

It was at this meeting that Terry hatched his new concept of the leaderboard format, and sold the model of leasing the tour to a corporate entity in the form of IBA Pty Ltd.

“It took a bit of salesmanship but in the end the decision was made to sign a contract that would lease the tour rights to a company formed by Gregg Taylor”

Gregg represented a group of investors and a finely worded contract was drawn up and signed by both parties, effectively handing the reins to IBA Pty Ltd.

During the next two years Terry worked meticulously with the promoters that he had developed close relationships with to deliver a legitimate world tour.

“Craig Hadden is also an inspiration for me,” said Mckenna.

“His hard work and professionalism is amazing and he is the best head judge in the world, hands down”

With the investors dropping over 1.5 million dollars into the tour the increased profile of bodyboarding came at a cost.

“Put the cheese out and the rats will come,” he laughed.

“I think that one of the downfalls of getting money into the sport is that it brings out the worst in people. Money can drive people to do things that they normally wouldn’t do.”

“I saw some great people get burned and it hurt, a lot.”

It’s a shame that none of this money, not 1 cent, went to raising prize money for the guys that put on the show, the riders themselves”

Terry will go back to developing the best domestic tour in the world in Australia with his major sponsor Rebel Sport, whilst working on an exciting new concept that he hopes to hatch mid year.

Jeff Hubbard wins the Encanto Pro in Puerto Rico

Jeff Hubbard wins the Encanto Pro in Puerto Rico! Congrats Jeff!

Press release & recap from the IBA:

Middles Beach, Tuesday 13th November 2012 – Jeff Hubbard (HAW) has won the 2012 IBA Encanto Pro in rampy 4-6 foot waves at Middles Beach today. The 2x World Champion defeated wildcard Ruben “Babby” Quinones (PR) in the final with a total heat score of 16.55 vs 12.70.

After the final Quinones was carried and cheered up the beach by his friends and fans as he flew the Puerto Rican flag with pride.

When asked about his road to the final, Hubbard explained: “I was in focus mode all day. I was trying not to think about the title race or be too distracted by Winnies performance. It was hard, because he was killing it.”

On his road to the final, Hubbard defeated Andrew Lester (AUS) in Round 6 with 19 vs 14.21 in what can only be described as the performance of the event, scoring the only perfect 10 point ride of the men’s GSS event and backing it up with a near perfect 9 point ride to post the highest total heat score of the event. In the quarterfinal, he took down an inform Jared Houston (ZAF) 17.38 vs 16.7 who put up an excellent fight, especially in dying moments of the heat. The Brazilian Eder Luciano stood his ground and showed why he deserves to be in the top 16, but was stumped when the Hawaiian needed a big score and kept his calm as time ran out by launching a risky air-roll-spin in the final minute of the heat to take the win.

Hubbard added, “the waves and conditions were good today, so I did not have to worry about what I needed to do to advance through heats, I just went out and surfed like I would when I free surf.”

The Hawaiian clinched his 3rd GSS event victory today, rocketing him back into the lead on the rankings, putting the pressure back onto Dave Winchester (AUS) who will have to improve on a 3rd place finish if he is to challenge Hubbard for the 2012 world title.

The updated rankings after the 2012 IBA Encanto Pro (Best 5 results)

1 Jeff Hubbard Hawaii 8440

2 Dave Winchester Australia 8380

3 Guilherme Tamega Brazil 7600

4 Pierre Louis Costes France 7360

5 Mitch Rawlins Australia 6400

5 Mark McCarthy Sth Africa 6400

7 Jared Houston Sth Africa 6060

8 Ben Player Australia 6020

9 Amaury Lavernhe Reunion 5660

10 Mike Stewart Hawaii 5520

11 Andrew Lester Australia 5440

12 Magno Passos Brazil 5140

13 Alex Uranga Basque 5060

14 Uri Valadao Brazil 5020

15 Eder Luciano Brazil 4920

16 Sam Bennett Australia 4760

The 2012 world title race will now be decided at the 8th and final event on the 2012 IBA GSS calendar, the NMD/VS Fronton Pro 2012 which will be held at el Fronton in the Canary Islands from the 7th to the 16th of December.

Go to for the detailed story on the 2012 IBA world title race and make sure you watch the NMD/VS Fronton Pro 2012 live at to see who will be crowned the 2012 IBA World Champion.

Check into the (IBA) International Bodyboarding Association website and IBA Facebook or follow IBA on Twitter for all the updates.

Karla Costa Taylor wins her maiden GSS victory, taking out the 2012 IBA Encanto Pro

Karla Costa Taylor wins her maiden GSS victory, taking out the 2012 IBA Encanto Pro! Congrats Karla!

Check this year’s Womens World Tour Final Ratings:
Womens FINAL Ratings 2012

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