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Music Review – AUGUST BURNS RED, Leveler


August Burns Red CD cover Style : Hardcore, Metal
For fans of: Parkway Drive, A Day To Remember, Bring Me The Horizon etc.

Ok, so we havent really done a proper music review for years on but it’s time for a change and we’re amped to review so stuff again, whether it is DVD’s, Boards, Dins, Music and whatever else we can get our hands on.

AUGUST BURNS RED was formed in Lancaster, PA, USA, in 2003, featuring vocalist Jon Hershey, guitarists J.B. Brubaker and Brent Rambler, bassist Jordan Tuscan, and drummer Matt Greiner. Leveler is their 4th studio album and it’s the best one to date in our opinion. Their previous albums were really good but this one is as good as it gets with an uber-powerful sound, violent yet melodic songs and sick vocals. Full package ! We’re loving this one. Probably not the taste of all our visitors (but we’ll review some more laid-back music too, don’t worry) but those fans of the “genre” August Burns Red – which we’ve seen playing live as well – are masters. Seriously, appart from a couple bands that gave us chills a while ago like THRICE or FROM AUTUMN TO ASHES we haven’t enjoyed anything like this for a while – appart from some good PARKWAY DRIVE music, of course.

AUGUST BURNS RED sound is square, powerful, clear, and will get you amped to fuckin’ charge in the water, gets barrelled, throw some Paul-Roach’esque tail snaps and scream out loud. If you like hardcore/metal similar to PWD you’ll surely love AUGUST BURNS RED. Done!

Fuck Yeah ! Parkway Drive KARMA video

The official video from Parkway Drive “Karma” – from the album DEEP BLUE

Featuring Winston Mc Call bodyboarding and the other group members surfing / towing – Sick video and brutal music. Maybe not everyone’s taste but we (at Spongercity) love it and have seen PWD live – they fuckin rock. Notice the Agent 18 wetsuit too. Yewwwww

Their whole latest album DEEP BLUE is great too, by the way.

Music Review – MATCHBOOK ROMANCE, Voices


Matchbook Romance Voices CD cover Style : Emo

Good new record, following another good record (in 2003) with melodic and creative Emo songs. I’m wondering if this record is not softer than the previous one, not sure though. MR are really developing their own style of Emo and all the songs are good on this record. Will definitely get ya amped before you go surf. Nice tunes for a video soundtrack i reckon.

Music Review – YELLOWCARD, Lights and Sounds

YELLOWCARD – Lights and Sounds

Yellowcard Lights and Sounds CD cover Style : Pop punk

I reckon Yellowcard went a little bit softer on this record. It’s good but less punchy than the previous one. This time I didn’t really find the little something that made the band a little different… Nice and melodic tunes though thru out this record. A few songs are really good.

Music Review – THRICE, Vheissu

THRICE – Vheissu

Thrice Vheissu CD cover Style : Hardcore Emo

Damn ! Every time they release a new record it’s a good one ! That one is a good as the 2 or 3 previous ones, it’s got a special feel that only Thrice can produce, with catchy melodies, awesome and original sound, sometimes hardcore/screamo stuff and sometimes pure Emo stuff. What else do you need before you go Dk some massive pits ?

Music Review – JIMMY EAT WORLD, Futures


Jimmy eat world Futures CD cover Style : Indie

The newest album. Their previous record wasn’t that good but ‘Futures’ rocks, it sounds like the J.E.W. of the good old days. (listen to the first albums) A+

Music Review – TAKING BACK SUNDAY, Where you want to be

TAKING BACK SUNDAY – Where you want to be

Taking back sunday Where you want to be CD cover Style : Punk / Emo

T.B.S.’s newest album is good, sounds like the previous one, is all EMO style. Maybe a lil bit too Emo but it’s all good i wont cry this time. ah ah . If you’re into Emo this is one you gotta have.

Music Review – MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE, Three Cheers For…

MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE – Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge

My Chemical Romance Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge CD cover Style : Punk / Emo

Their second (and latest) album is super good, like the previous one. Maybe less punchy but just as good. You definitly wanna own this cd if you’re into emo/punk shit… Their concert in Paris, France was absolutly fantastic. They’re super good live.

Music Review – THE BELLES, Omerta


The Belles Omerta CD cover Style : Pop / Indie Rock

The Belles is still kinda underground but not for long. This mellow album is perfect after a good sess, or to chill in your sofa. It melodic and creative without being too ‘pop’. Check to get their music/merch.

Music Review – MAE, Destination : beautiful

MAE – Destination: Beautiful

Mae Destination: beautiful CD cover Style : Indy

Great cd, more mellow than your regular punk band. The melodies are good, the sound is clean and this Mae album (which aint new) is a must have if you like indy stuff. A lot of new bands struggle to deliver an original sound and melodies you havent heard a million times. Mae aint one of those bands, they play good music !

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