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Have clips killed the (full-length) videos ?

Just wondering if vimeo/Youtube clips have kinda killed the full-length videos? (Not necessarily DVDs because full length videos could be released as .avi or .mp4 or fully donwloadable on Vimeo for example). It seems that very few videographers today choose to release full-length videos, it’s almost just short clips now, sponsored by the riders’ sponsors within the 2-3 min. range and that’s it. Most of 20-30 y.o. bbers grew up watching videos/dvds such as No Friends Vids’, The Waldron Vids, Todd Barnes Vids, The Underground Tapes Vids (Chris Stroh), The ROT vids and the list goes on. It was such an epic time to get to watch those vids (tapes or dvds) and they had more than just riding in them, they had their authors’ blueprint, their editing skills and habits, their filming style and feeling, their friends and crew, the riders they’d like to film with and stuff. Don’t get us wrong, clips are awesome and we need them and love to post them twice a week as a ‘video clip dopeness’ post on but we miss the full length vids ! Damn yeah we miss these ! We were stoked the other day when Josh Garner released a 10 min. clip from Mexico, as you usually get to watch something longer than 3min. these days and dont get to know the riders better, see them riding in different conditions and see more of the editing style. They are still DVDs released out there for sure but less than before. Not sure if it’s the finances that are killing the videos, or the lack of people willing to do a full length movies or the simple fact that everyone realized there’s no money to make on a video…

Anyways, lately we’ve really digged RING of FIRE III (available now on the spongercity store by the way), and there are a couple DVDs that are going to be released soon as well: TALES OF A DREAM by Rob Sherwood, ROAM FREE (Nomad x Matt Lackey), HOME BREW (Zion Crew) and more… thanks guys for keeping the art of the full length video alive !

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Good news, Nomad is going to release another DVD and it’s Matt Lackey who’s gonna be directing it. Sounds good to us! We’ve nicely copied/pasted the press release we got from Nomad in our email box a couple days ago. It goes like this:

Nomad Bodyboards is proud to announce the production of its new film “ROAM FREE”.

ROAM FREE is an epic project that will follow the lives of the world’s best free surfing bodyboarders as they experience the highs, lows, and adventure of surf exploration.

The film will follow the lifestyle of riders who dedicate their lives to researching surf locations, forecasting swells and then travel beyond the borders of their home town, state, and country in their quest to surf perfect waves. Some of the amazing riders involved in ROAM FREE include Chris James, Damien Martin, Cade Sharp, Matt Lackey, Chase O’Leary, Ewan Donnachie, Alex Halsey, Dylan Lee, Matt Young, and Chris Wilson, along with many others.

ROAM FREE will be directed by Matt Lackey. Lackey, a well respected free surfer himself, has taken on the project as his follow-up to his extremely well received first film, “The Lackey Project”. Assembling a fantastic group of filmers in their own right, including Michael Jennings, Luke Bickley, Ryan Jones, and Nic Barclay, ROAM FREZ will follow riders on location through Japan, Hawaii, Samoa, Indonesia, as well as all corners of Australia including unexplored waves that have previously remained unridden.


We invite you to join the journey. For daily updates of images, news and info on trailers, premieres and release dates,  join us on Facebook at:

Tales of a dream – Trailer

Tales Of A Dream by Rob Sherwood – Sick Trailer ! Can’t wait to watch the whole thing !

Tales Of A Dream is shot on location in the South Pacific and Australia and will be out end of October.

Features: Mike Stewart, Jase Finlay, Michael Novy, James Nymeyer, Tom Rigby, Jake Stone, Alan Chegwidden, Dallas Singer, Johnny Cruickshank and other riders.

Tales Of A Dream trailer from Robert Sherwood on Vimeo.

RING OF FIRE III – Movie and Premiere

RING OF FIRE III by Rob Isambert, the movie will be out soon and is premiering in Cali on Saturday, July 14th at the San Clemente Community Center – selling tickets from 7:00 to 8:30pm right across the street from the Community Center (Look for banners) – There is no alcohol allowed at this venue but If you want to come early and pre game there are some bars just up the street. Party afterwards in San Clemente.

There will be tons of giveaways and raffles and all round good times. The community center can fit 500 people so help spread the word to come see a cool film with lots of Cali footage and riders.

For tickets: 255 Avenida Del Mar, San Clemente CA 92672 (Community Center will be right there on the corner of Del Mar and Calle Seville)

More info here:

Movie trailer:

Damian King – The JOKER III – Podcast

Soooooooo good. Kingy’s level is just above the rest in this vid ! You gotta watch this:

Thursday vids dopeness

These are to be watched today:

Jacob Romero x Flipmode – All kine zones –
FLICK Teaser – – Looking good!
Amaury “MOZ” in Puerto/Canary 2011 –
Nick Gornall just before going to Chile –

Ring of Fire III Trailer – Ring of Fire III is coming ! Third DVD in a series of films made by Rob Isambert. The DVDs are always good with fresh new destinations, angles, riders, footage and stuff and we’ve always been stoked on the Ring Of Fire series !

More about the new DVD:
Ring of Fire 3 is a bodyboard film which features footage from all over California, Mexico, New South Wales, Gold Coast, Tahiti, Hawaii and the South Pacific. There is loads of unseen footage from all the pros in pumping Puerto Escondito and Punta Colorada. Also in the video is the two month trip to Australia with three first class California riders. In addition, is a segment of some of the best helmet cam shots from around the world. Finally, some solid clips from the North Shore including one of the best Pipe contests ever.
The video should be complete before the end of the June. Stay tuned for premiere dates as well as new trailers & frame grabs:

The 8 – Movie

The 8 is a new movie by Will Hodgett, his second full length film. Follow 8 of the best riders in the world on 8 individual trips around the globe. Stay updated at – Coming 2013

First rider revealed: Ben Player in Hawaii – Watch the BP teaser here:

You gotta watch these !! A bodyboarding film by Kalen Foley – Trailer II 2012: Chapter 2-Pierre Louis Costes – By Marcus England Roldan in Hawaii this winter

Throwdown – Teaser 2

Jake Stone’s DVD and video premieres are coming in April, here’s another teaser for his new movie “Throwdown”

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