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6 MONTHS Digital Release

Ewan Donnachie’s DVD 6MONTHS is eventually available in its digital version thru iTunes. Such a sick movie, if you havent watched it yet, here’s a chance to!

iTunes link might differ from one country to another but here’s one that works:

6Months is a look at what can be achieved in a relatively short period of time; it’s a demonstration of what a lot of hard work can result in; it’s a celebration of travel, adventure, mateship and the incredible waves that were on offer during the Winter of 2011. From early April through until the end of September, Ewan Donnachie chased waves high and low at a frenetic pace, along with good mates Jase Finlay, Damien Martin, Chris James, Nick Gornall and assorted other riders. It was a testing time; last-minute calls, delays, cancelled flights, lost baggage, injuries, unreliable swell patterns and adverse weather conditions were inevitable components of nearly every mission. But the boys put their heads down, committed and reaped the reward of unspoiled perfection. The film provides a rare insight into the lives and mindsets of these free-surfers and the equally dedicated photographers and filmers who document their exploits. It’s not all fame and fortune; it’s very rarely glamorous. But as each and every one will attest, it’s most certainly worth the effort. A film by Ewan Donnachie and Lucas Vazquez, 6Months aims to inspire. Save your coin, get some mates together, do a little research and hit the road to discover what’s out there waiting for you.

THE INSIDE officially available on Youtube for your viewing pleasure

The myth, the legend, the movie that pretty much set the standard for all other movies, the one and only movie you HAVE to watch, it’s bodyboarding’s history and it’s such a good movie.

Quick note & review from Spongercity: Released in 95′ or something, this movie is the shiznitz, it’s got everything you want in a video and it kinda marks the beginning of the ‘modern era’ of bodyboarding with moves and waves of consequence and riders pushing themselves in heavy shit. Sometimes the odd pink and rainbow slick might freak you out but most of the images and action look insane and could easily fit in today’s movies or podcasts. Chad Barba, Paul Roach, Aka Lyman… no one to this day surfs like them. It’s our history but mostly a great movie even including a full girl section and a soundtrack that will please everyone. It’s 1 hour+ and it’s more than a movie, it’s a journey. You need to watch this video for sure.

THE INSIDE by Scotty Carter is officially available on Youtube for your viewing pleasure

Tuesday vids dopeness

Boom! Tuesday! Time for some vids dopeness on! Here you go: Read the rest of this entry »


Spongercity Home Brew DVD ReviewWe got to watch home brew last night, eventually! Super Stoked (Machine) on the DVD! Loved it. Edited by James Kates, filmed by Ryan Mattick and Allan Willson with additionnal titles and artwork by Dav Fox, this DVD is a must have.

The editing is great, punchy, effective and precise, the quality of the images are super good, the angles are original, there are more waves than just nuggans and supers, and the soundtrack is good. What else do you want ?

Oh yeah, the riders, it features Joe Clark, Finlay, Katesy, Putland, T Robinson, Cade Sharp, Sam Bennett, Rigby and more…

The highlights of the video include some remote India perfection, some Blackrock delight, some nuggan stunts, some fun, lots of pleasure and cool titles.

The riders are creative in their ride and having fun and it makes the video breathe and glow. The riding is top notch and the overall feeling you get is that bodyboarding is the coolest thing you can do and it’s damn fun to ride.

Very good DVD to watch before a session to get amped.

Well, that’s it.

Tales Of A Dream – Benny P section

Black Rock with Ben Player is a chapter from the Tales of a Dream film

A film by Robert Sherwood
Tales of a Dream takes you on a journey into the big blue and explores the beauty of riding a wave with a few selected ocean wranglers. It captures incredible imagery in the South Pacific and Down Under on the coastlines of NSW and South Oz. Tales of a Dream tells a story of an addiction and a passion for the ocean.
Featuring: Mike Stewart, Garth McGregor, Ben Player, James Nymeyer, Jase Finlay, Michael Novy and more…

Special offer for Aussies – DVD for $22.00 and free postage within Aus. Deal ends on the 31st of this month. – ORDER YOUR COPY OF THE FEATURE FILM ‘TALES OF A DREAM’ AT

Thursday vids dopeness

Ok, first post for 2013, a selection of cool clips we’ve seen this week so far.

Ben Player in 300 fps by Lee Kelly

Andre Botha in Hawaii a few days ago, absolutely shreddin’ – A must see, legend! Thanks André and thanks A. Parades for filming and sharing

TRASH Movie Teaser by Todd Barnes – This is gonna be good!

ZION Summer 12/13 Video – Cool edit featuring Jase Finlay, Ivan Pulic, James Kates, Jordan Putland, Moot Young and the Doc !

Jeff Hubbard is the 2012 World Champ and this clip is an ode to the champ by Boogie Nation

Cool Joe Clark Clip for 2012

Wednesday vids dopeness

Some cool vids this week:

Yoan Florantin shreddin’ in Reunion Island

Johnny Cruickshank

Tahitian David Tuarau joins the Empire

ROAM II – Teaser

Wesley Fischer #.2

Thursday vids dopeness

Sorry for the lack of update this week, we were busy!

Here you go:

ROAM FREE official new trailer:

JSX in the Canaries & France:

IBA 30th Anniversary Pipe Challenge Promo Clip 2013:

Porkito Armstrong – Familia Podcast EP.04

Early Morning Social Club Teaser

Early Morning Social Club by Caleb Graham is A short film about the ocean. For fans of talking shit with your mates in carparks.. Check the teaser:

ID Boards coming with a full length movie: Relocations

From the ID Boards Movie presentation:
It’s an honour to present of our first international film project as a company. Relocations was an idea that was born out of the desire to show Australia to our friends, Magno and Amaury. These great men are a rich part of our bodyboarding family and they each represent a country or people group that make up the sport we love. By sharing our waves, our strengths and our resources together, we can unite our sport and build the future.
This is the start of an ongoing experiment to prove how valuable our international riders are, and how much fun we can have together. We truly live in an amazing place, and it’s even more amazing when shared. ” Get ready to be Relocated ”

Associated with Riptide Magazine
Presented by ID. Boards
A Film By Tyge Landa
Produced by WebbedHands Creative
Starring: Glen Thurston, Magno Passos and Amaury Lavernhe
Guest Riders: Nick Gornal, Jeff Hubbard, Matty Mcarthur

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